-Christina C.
“Mary is AMAZING!! We rescued a 5 month old puppy that was found in the woods, had NO manners and was a huge challenge. Mary stepped in and worked with us for 5 weeks (and still gives me advice when I need it and we believe she just turned a year old). Although our pup is a challenge, Mary was/is able to show us ways to work with her and if one way didn’t/doesn’t work for Piper, Mary is/was always able to come up with new way to work with her to make it work. She has handouts she gives to you to help you while she is not with you. Not only is Mary an amazing trainer but also an amazing person. Whenever I am at my wits end with Piper’s challenging behaviors whether it is counter surfing, digging, resource guarding, not listening, jumping on people and a ton of other behaviors that she has displayed, Mary not only helped me with them, she listened to me while I was upset. Once we are in a better place with this pandemic, Mary will be coming back to help me with more extensive recall work. I highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to train their dog!!!”