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COVID 19 Update

Until otherwise stated, all in-person lessons will proceed according to social distancing guidelines laid out by CDC and Massachusetts health authorities. This means lessons will be conducted outdoors, with a minimum of 6 feet between clients and myself. All involved in the lesson must wear face masks covering both mouths and noses for the entirety of the lesson. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, The Mindful Dog offers thoughtful, effective training for a variety of behavioral issues.

Does your dog demonstrate problematic behaviors such as barking/lunging while on leash, aggression towards other dogs, fearfulness, separation anxiety, or resource guarding? Whether your dog has significant behavioral problems, or you are simply hoping to get your new dog or puppy off to a good start, I am here to help.

Through a combination of in-person, written, and video learning, The Mindful Dog’s approach caters to a variety of learning styles. 

Fear in a Dog

Challenges in Dog Training: Fear, Force, and Quitting While You’re Ahead

My dog, Wyatt, has a fear of the spiral staircase in our new home. The stairs are the floating kind, and for a creature with four legs, it requires different coordination than typical stairs. Move up or down too quickly, and you’re likely to find one of your legs slipping out from under you. The […]

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