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Located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, The Mindful Dog offers thoughtful, effective training for a variety of behavioral issues.

Does your dog demonstrate problematic behaviors such as barking/lunging while on leash, aggression towards other dogs, fearfulness, separation anxiety, or resource guarding? Whether your dog has significant behavioral problems, or you are simply hoping to get your new dog or puppy off to a good start, I am here to help.

Through a combination of in-person, written, and video learning, The Mindful Dog’s approach caters to a variety of learning styles. 

The 6 lesson Basic Obedience program focuses on 5 core commands: “sit” (with implied stay), “down” (with implied stay), “place,” “let’s walk,” and “come.” We may also address minor behavioral concerns or crate training during these lessons. Topics covered include dog body language, canine instinctual fulfillment, how dogs learn, and getting your dog engaged in the training process.

Basic Obedience

Does your dog demonstrate behaviors that are significantly disruptive to your life? The Behavior Modification program is geared towards dogs who display one or more of the following issues:

Guarding of food or toys
Barking/lunging while on leash
Aggression towards other dogs
Destructiveness and/or prolonged barking/howling when alone

Behavior Modification

The Day Training program takes place Monday-Friday for 2+ weeks, and I take on only one dog at a time. Your dog spends the day with me, and comes home with you in the evenings. This program has a couple of advantages. It allows me to get to know your dog more deeply, which means I can tailor the training program to address your pup’s exact needs. It also allows your dog’s behaviors to be reinforced and shaped more quickly, since your dog will receive more training per day than he or she would typically experience in the home.

Home School

Our Group Puppy Class is for puppies who are 8-18 weeks of age at the start of the first class. This 5-week long group class takes place at the same time every week, and the first class takes place without your puppy. Topics covered include how dogs learn, puppy development, socialization, jumping, chewing, mouthing, housetraining, crate training, handling, and basic commands. Prior to attending, puppies must have 2 Distemper/Parvo vaccinations, as well as a kennel cough vaccination. Puppies older than 12 weeks of age must also have had a rabies vaccination.

Group Puppy Classes

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